Hengrui Multi-layer Coextrusion Barrier Plastic sheet line

April 20,2017
The first barrier plastic sheet line, in Chinese Market, is processed successfully by HENGRUI in 2001. So far, almost 15 years experience. 

The line in the photo, the latest barrier sheet machine, delivered to the customer in 2016. To produce PP/PS high barrier sheet; recycled materials possible; 5 extruders to realize 7-layer; the feed block with special design, to assure no EVOH/ADH in the edge materials; sheet thickness: 0.6-3mm; the max. capacity: 300-1500kg/hr. Online with German thermoforming machine.

The end products are mainly used in food, medicine and cosmetic packaging. Not only to separate effectively oxygen in the air, but also prevent the giving off of the smell itself, to achieve a long-term quality and fresh assurance.

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