How Do I Become an Extruder Operator?

Update Time:2018/2/5

How Do I Become an Extruder Operator?

An extruder operator is a person who operates machinery that extrudes metal or plastics; this process involves forcing a material through the machine so a precise shape is created from that material. In order to become an extruder operator, you will usually need to complete at least a high school education, though this requirement can be waived in some instances if you have specific job experience that would qualify you for the position. Basic math skills as well as language skills will be necessary to become an extruder operator, and you will need to be in reasonably good health.

Sometimes a post-secondary certificate will be necessary, which means you will need to undergo some training to become an extruder operator. Such certification may be offered by an extrusion company, though you may have an advantage if you get the certificate on your own before getting hired at such a company. The training for this certificate will essentially prepare you to run these complex machines, as well as set them up, tear them down, maintain them, and diagnose problems within them. Basic safety operations will also generally be covered in the training.

If you take a job with a company that does extrusion processes, you can work your way up through the ranks to become an extruder operator. You may work as a machinist in another area of the factory, or you may start with manual labor, such as packaging or loading trucks. If you get an opportunity to job shadow an extruder operator, take that opportunity and learn as much as possible. If your company offers training programs to help you become an extruder operator, be sure to apply for a spot and work hard in your current job to show managers that you are ready for a position with more responsibility.

The best way to become an extruder operator is to exhibit signs that you are reliable, dependable, hard-working, and excited about the work you do. Employers will generally choose employees who are willing to work hard, and people who exhibit irresponsible qualities, such as showing up late to work, will usually be ignored. Regardless of the job you start with, do your work well and be willing to take on new responsibilities when they are offered; this shows your work ethic and will improve your chances of getting the opportunity to become an extruder operator.

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