PVC extrusions in everyday use.

Update Time:2017/8/23
PVC extrusions in everyday use.
Versatility and cost effectiveness makes PVC the most important polymer in the building and construction sector with approximately 75 per cent of all PVC manufactured being used in building materials. PVC window profiles, PVC cladding, PVC cable ducts and PVC shower seals are just a few examples of extruded PVC that are used daily by construction engineers; however the use of PVC extrusions stretches far wider than this industry alone.

Flexible PVC extrusions and rigid uPVC extrusions can be spotted frequently in the home, at work and out and about. Although they might go unnoticed, PVC extrusions are present everywhere. Take a trip to your local supermarket or shopping centre and you’ll see display shelves, ticket holders and refrigerator guards all extruded from PVC. Or look around your office and you’ll find PVC wall fittings, door tracks and glazing trims.

In the medical industry, PVC was introduced into flexible tubing and containers as a replacement for natural rubber and glass, and today, medical grade PVC tubing is an essential component in many medical devices delivering fluids to and from the body.

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