What does HENGRUI do?

Update Time:2016/7/14

HENGRUI is engaged in designing and processing plastic film and sheet extrusion machines. 

Main products:

1. PC/PMMA Optical Extrusion Line;

2. PP/PS Multi-layer Coextrusion Compunding/Barrier Sheet Line;

3. APET/PET/PETG Extrusion Line;

4. Mulit-layer Coextrusion Cast Film Line;

5. PMMA/ABS/TPU Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line;

6. Online One-step Solar Back Film Machine;

7. PVC Floor Extrusion Machine;

8. Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line;

9. Full-auto Winder;

10. Cutting Machine;

11. Crusher for edge materials

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